3 tips to relieve soreness

Ever felt like you couldn’t climb stairs or squat down on the potty because you’re SO SORE after a workout? Did you skip your next workout to “listen to your body and wait to feel better”? Well, guess what, that’s actually NOT what your body is telling you. If you stop moving, you’ll actually prolong the pain instead of healing it.

Here are a few quick tips to relieve the soreness faster!

  1. Use a foam roller! What the heck is a foam roller? Find out in this video I made to show exactly what it is and how to use it.
  2. STREEEEETCH! Spend 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening just stretching those sore muscles. Google “static stretches for XXX” where XXX is the muscle that is hurting you. You’ll find lots of different stretches you can do to loosen up those muscles and get them feeling better fast.
  3. Most importantly, do NOT skip your workout. Moving your body and specifically those muscles that are sore will actually increase the blood flow to those muscles as well as stretch them out and warm them up so that they can heal faster and get stronger, which is the whole point! It will hurt at first but once you get moving, you’ll notice the pain will begin to subside during the workout. Afterwards, you’ll continue to experience that relief for up to a few hours. Plus, the soreness will go away altogether faster than if you skipped the workout completely.


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