What IS the “mom bod” anyway?

Can we talk about the “mom body” for a hot second, please?

How do you define it? Do you think pregnancy changes your body and as a mom, you are too busy with “more important things” to worry about that ooor do you wish you COULD get your body back but you’re scared of being judged as being self-centered for putting yourself first?

Growing up and on into my 20’s, I had the picture of a “mom bod” in my head as a moderately overweight woman wearing high waisted mom-jeans, granny-panties, and other relatively unattractive clothing to cover up. She was a mom and looks and fashion were none of her business. She just didn’t get to care about that stuff. She only got to care about being a mom.

I think this was mainly instilled in me by a mix of the media and a child’s skewed view of adults. These days, as a mom myself, I have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT view and I find it super frustrating to read social media and blog posts from actual moms and other women that push the idea that it’s a perfectly good and even preferable thing for moms to not put themselves first at all in their lives because then you’re not prioritizing your family.

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that there should be no pressure on a mom to look any certain way or to even worry about losing baby weight with a newborn. I mean that wasn’t on my mind at all as I tried to figure out life with my new babies. Still though, there should also be no guilt placed on a mom’s shoulders for WANTING to be healthy and to care about her body and feel amazing, in whatever way she personally defines that to be, at any point after having babies.

13244228_1702026293394441_4767821473241889401_oAnd honestly, I think sometimes we hide behind this idea that since we gave birth and we take care of our kids, it’s ok to not take care of ourselves when really, it’s not our kids that are the true reason we choose not to exercise or eat healthy. I mean, if you truly look deep inside, does being a mom actually prevent you from saying no to the pizza and donuts or from finding 30 min to exercise?

In fact, I feel women putting themselves first ultimately benefits their families more than letting themselves go. When I finally began my health and fitness journey after having my youngest, the confidence and energy I gained through regular exercise, healthier eating, and the simple empowerment of conquering my goals has made me a better mom, wife, business woman, and overall human being in general.

Feeling good in my own skin was life changing for me. I went from being a mom that was too tired to play with her kids and too self-conscious to get in a bathing suit for the pool or beach with her kids to being a mom that could hang with her babies in ALL the fun activities. transformation
I’m not saying I’m a bathing suit model now, but I’m at a place where I personally am happy with my body and I feel strong and proud of myself regardless of what anyone else thinks. I did NOT feel like that when I wasn’t taking care of myself. Instead of worrying about how I look (regardless of whether I should care) like I used to, I’m now having a good time making memories with my family.

If you are a woman who feels amazing with no exercise and going to McDonalds every other day, then great, go out there and mom hard and happy like that! I was not that person. I was the mom that didn’t exercise, ate terribly, gained lots of weight in pregnancy and hated how I felt all the time. I used that “this is just my mom-bod and I’m too busy caring for my family” excuse for almost 2 years before finally deciding it didn’t have to be that way. My “mom-bod” could be so much more and I took action to make that happen.

I don’t regret it for a second. I’ve never been stronger, fitter, healthier or happier. And I’m a mom of 2 who had 2 c-sections and gained over 50 lbs in pregnancy. I got my body back and my health too. Its possible and there’s no shame in it. You have enough love in there for yourself and your family too.

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