What Religion?


That’s a word that speaks to people on a lot of different levels, right?

For a lot of people, it’s faith in a religious sense but for me, it’s not.

That’s hard for me to talk about because I’m always scared of judgement when it comes to this.

Though, isn’t that strange because I thought religion taught people they shouldn’t judge? And who knows, maybe they won’t. It just seems like I run into lots of judgement with this so I still let it make me feel anxious.

I mean, like so scared that I stared at this for an hour before I actually hit post (true story – I added this at the end of that hour lol).

I am from a small, southern and very religious town.

Many of my family and friends are religious, like post-bible-versus-on-Facebook e’rrrry day kind of religious.

I love them and I admire their faith.

Because I think faith is beautiful and an incredibly valuable thing.

And I do have it.

I just don’t have it in the same way.

I’m not religious but…

I have faith in my family and friends.

I have faith in kindness and goodness.

I have faith in hard work.

I have faith in loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

I have faith in myself.

I have faith in love.

And I can tell you for sure that if it wasn’t for many, many leaps of faith onto staircases that I had no idea where they’d lead…

I wouldn’t be a mom.

I wouldn’t be a wife.

I wouldn’t have gotten in the best shape of my life.

And I wouldn’t have found this crazy awesome but totally unexpected job that I love! (Heck, I’d probably still be sitting in an office working for someone else’s dreams instead! #closecall)

Faith, however it manifests in you, is EVERYTHING. Whatever you believe in, believe in it haaaard, y’all, and let it carry you through those stinkin’ doubts, aaaallllll the way to the TOP of those stairs.

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