An unexpected perfect life

I used to want to be a corporate climber.

I was following that route perfectly.

✔️High paying job with a big company
✔️Nice house, etc etc.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that wasn’t for me but at first, I didn’t really get why…

I mean, I had spent my whole life thinking that was the way to go and the path that would make me happy.

But instead, I was dreading every day that I went to work. I’d stare out the window and think “gah, I really don’t want to go!” The job was boring and the people were not MY people.

It was weird because I felt kind of lost. Like I had worked so hard to achieve that and then it didn’t make me happy…

Then, I had my girls. And after each one, I literally had to drop them off at a daycare at barely 8 weeks old.

That SUCKED big time.

If you’ve had to do that, you probably remember what it feels like to be crying in the daycare parking lot too.

I actually remember when Olivia was about two and I dropped her off at a new daycare and she was so scared. I will never forget that look of terror on her face as she reached for me and cried while I walked out.

I tried not to feel guilty. Our family needs two incomes and I am a woman with ambition.

But it broke my heart to leave my babies just the same.

Now though, those days almost seem like a lifetime ago.



The office of MY dreams ❤

It took me a couple more wrong turns on the career path journey to get here, but now, I LOVE my job ! It suits my need for freedom and big ambition while also filling up my cup by giving me this feeling of significance. I get to truly impact the lives of others which is AMAZING! The best part is the sisterhood that comes along with it. A super tight community of women from all over with similar goals. It’s a beautiful thing ❤


It may not be everybody else’s idea of perfection but it sure is mine!

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