The #1 thing that helped me get healthy

All my life, I have swayed back and forth between various levels of healthy, but it wasn’t until my 30’s that I realized what it truly meant to be healthy and I finally got pretty close. I won’t say I’m perfect, far from it actually. However, I’m waaaay closer than I ever was before.

As a kid, I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t exercise intentionally at all. I played outside a lot and got that type of exercise but I was in no sports and pretty much embraced any chance to get out of P.E. at school that came by. Throughout high school, except my freshman year, I was what someone later told me could be described as”thick.” Now, in my freshman year, I joined the marching band as a flag twirler AND I got really sick over the summer so I lost all sorts of weight. However, when I quit the band my sophomore year, I gained it all back pretty quickly. In college, my friends exercised so I sporadically did too. I also took diet pills of various sorts. I did get pretty skinny but I was far from healthy. I still ate terribly and drank a lot and well, I was in college.

After college, I drank less and exercised more regularly because my fiance was a runner. I didn’t gain weight really until I got pregnant. I gained 50 lbs. It was AWFUL! I ate everything in sight pretty much and didn’t exercise and I was MISERABLE. I lost a little by trying things like slimfast, nutrisystem, etc etc. You name it, I tried it! None of it was long-term though. I got pregnant again and gained it all back. I tried exercising but couldn’t make a dent in the new size that I had become.

13680947_10154304382315102_5151140289346525235_nThen came Beachbody. With Beachbody came not just awesome exercise, but also recipes
for healthy food that was actually good. Even more than that though, came support. To be honest, I thought it was going to be LAME. My friend invited me to her “online challenge group” and said we’d all do Beachbody workouts and eat healthy. I was like, “um, ok, sounds dumb but I’m desperate.” Well, when my first challenge group kicked off, I immediately fell in love. I had so much fun, I learned a lot, AND I lost weight. Like a LOT of weight. I dropped 3 pant sizes in 2 months. To this day, this is the best shape I’ve ever been in and have not gained an oz of it back in almost 2 years.

I can honestly say I learned how to change my lifestyle because of this program. I can honestly say I would have quit when it got hard if it wasn’t for  those ladies in my first challenge group cheering me on. I can honestly say I still owe my continued success to the ladies in the groups that I now host every month on my own. That support and constant accountability is and always will be my gamechanger.

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