21 DFX Countdown to Competition

Countdown to Competition Day 1 MenuWhew, I’m about halfway through day 1 of the Countdown to Competition nutrition plan in 21 Day Fix Extreme and all I can say is that I am PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!!  I was worried I would be hungry and stressed by now but I’m not at all. I didn’t go with Autumn’s day of fish menu but I did stick to her specific items listed in the allowed food groups for the most part. I veered off a little on the veggies b/c I’m obsessed with cauliflower. Still though, my day of protein and veggies has so far kept me full and satisfied. I enjoyed everything except maybe the pork which I usually prefer with a sauce like BBQ. Obviously that’s not allowed 😦  I like eating 8 times a day though! I think that might be my favorite part! I’m definitely someone who likes to graze. Having a small meal every two hours pretty much classifies as grazing so it’s right up my ally!

I am expecting to notice a reduction in my energy levels after a few days of this due to the reduced carbs but so far, so good. I completed my workout this morning with plenty of vigor. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

Why am I doing this? I am often asked why I am eating the way I do or why I exercise so much when I’m already skinny. I want to TONE UP! I want to STAY HEALTHY! I want to be the best version of myself every day.

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